Marketing Insights to Navigate the Coronavirus Pandemic – Weekly Recap of News You Can Use

Week of April 20, 2020


Greetings from the home office.

As the COVID-19 chaos continues to create challenges for businesses across the map, there are beginning to be a few bright spots. Consumer confidence and spending have seen a slight increase thanks to stimulus checks and the anticipation of stay-at-home orders being lifted.

But, a marketer’s work is never done. Brands continue to find new ways to pivot their products and services to remain relevant, reallocate budgets and adjust marketing strategies and media buys. Those that remain steadfast with timely solutions and maintain an empathetic connection with their customers are more likely to be remembered and reap the long-term benefit of increased customer loyalty. To help you stay current and aid in your strategy development, below is this week’s roundup of insightful content.

Content Roundup

How has media consumption changed in face of COVID-19? Here’s a look at what people are doing during this period of isolation at home. Media consumption has vastly increased, and not surprisingly, it differs by generation. People are relying on their devices to “inform and distract,” which is creating an increasing opportunity for marketers to engage this captive audience. Learn more.

Local news is spiking, the top five video streaming services are up and radio and digital audio have maintained their listener base. A Nielsen expert discusses these points plus the effect on revenue for brands cutting their media spend during the pandemic. Learn more.

Pessimism and stories of economic gloom have dominated in recent weeks, but there are now increasingly hopeful signs for marketers including positive consumer sentiment, an uptick in online spending and increased marketing activity designed to propel brands through the rebound. Learn more.

Source:  CivicScience

As businesses are gearing up for a post-pandemic world, they must consider five areas that will shape their strategy: position, plan, perspective, projects and preparedness. This article from Harvard Business Review presents many questions to help guide brands’ planning initiatives. Learn more.

We all know content is critical for SEO success, but how can your brand stand out in a sea of “coronacontent”? What type of content should you be creating now and how do you prepare for the post-coronavirus future? There’s no simple answer, but here’s what digital marketing experts had to say in an interview with Greg Sterling. Learn more.

Although it’s a tumultuous period, now is the perfect time for brands to learn from consumers’ new purchasing habits and online behaviors and refine their customer experience strategies accordingly. Learn more.

Brands are trying to determine what changes they need to make now and moving toward the future to stay relevant, stay in business and ultimately grow despite this crisis. Here are four ways companies are pivoting their offerings, budgets and strategies due to COVID-19. Learn more.

We hope you’ve found our compilation insightful. Stay safe and if you haven’t already, subscribe to our blog to get next week’s roundup delivered straight to your inbox.

New Video Creation Tool Launches for SMB Owners

In late February, Vimeo announced their new video editing tool, Vimeo Create, has officially been released on desktop, Android and iOS apps. Vimeo Create hopes to help small to midsize businesses create high quality, affordable videos to use for social media marketing campaigns.

Vimeo Create Pro

Users can download Vimeo Create and use their wide range of “smart” editing tools and video content; however, the purchase of a monthly subscription will be needed in order to save and share created videos. Vimeo Create boasts unlimited stock video, a growing template library and the ability to upload videos in every social media format and ratio.

Vimeo Create is designed to integrate your existing media marketing, such as CRM or e-commerce, while connecting Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more. Vimeo has also included features to help businesses that have dedicated project teams. Using Create Pro, collaborators can invite team members to add time-coded comments inside of the video while working on a presentation.

Who Is This For?

Video is now an essential piece of social media marketing. Prior to the launch of this new tool, Vimeo surveyed 1,000 small business owners and reported that 22 percent of them believed that they currently use enough video in their marketing strategies. Vimeo is offering a free trial of Vimeo Create and plans to add more editing components and templates as the year progresses. With this tool priced at $20 per month, Vimeo Create is perfect for small businesses that have limited budgets for video creation.


[Video]: Speed and Agility

Quickly designing and executing major campaign strategy changes across an entire franchisee network in the face of a vendor policy change requires speed, agility and collaboration.


[Video]: Building Sand Castles

Mindstream Media Group President, Zac Keeney on managing the constant evolution of the media game, “We build sand castles; we don’t pour cement.”