Mindstream Media Group Partners with Varo Bank

Varo Bank initially approached Mindstream Media Group for help with a media audit in the spring of 2020. We began by leveraging our research tools to ingest invoicing and data logs associated with their campaigns. Our team then analyzed Varo’s digital and non-digital media campaigns for things like cost efficiency, creative separation and dayparting, all the way down to showing how an individual campaign did against the rest of the media landscape including an assessment of whether a fair value was received for the media investment.

As we progressed through the audit, the Varo Bank team was growing and expanding. COVID-19 accelerated their need to reach the market, efficiently, with their message of accessibility and industry disruption. We again put our research tools to use, this time around their competitors to learn what media they were running and how much they were spending.

Varo Bank is the very first neobanking app on the planet to become a real bank. FDIC insured, built from the ground up. An independent bank with a visionary CEO whose mission is to be a bank for all of us.

Being a bank for all comes with responsibility and it’s something every person at Varo Bank embodies to their core. The next step in the research process involved finding communities negatively impacted by the banking industry and areas of the country with the least access to traditional banks. 

When a client asks for a unique research assignment like this, you know they truly care about their core mission. It’s not just something they post about on social media, they put action to their words. This resonated with our research and planning teams as well and together we leaned in to help develop a unique audience profile that would guide our media planning efforts moving forward.

We are all excited to see this transformational brand come to life with a thoughtful and well-timed media campaign and we are proud to be working alongside Varo Bank as they trailblaze a new category.