Marketing Insights to Navigate the Coronavirus Pandemic – Weekly Recap of News You Can Use

Week of April 6, 2020


Greetings from the home office. 

In our third weekly roundup of insightful content related to the coronavirus, we’re taking a deeper look at brand messaging strategy, search and marketing trends and most importantly, planning for the rebound. (ICYMI catch up on our previous posts from the week of March 30 and March 23.)

We as an agency are planning and positioning ourselves and our clients for the rebound strategy. Our business has changed along with that of our clients, and our media and marketing plans have drastically changed. 

Whether this “new normal” has you busier than ever or reeling from the lack of business, marketers can all agree that now is the time for learning. Learning a new business skill, diving into your customer data to improve segmentation, researching an emerging digital platform or even reading that book that’s been gathering dust on your shelf. With stay-at-home orders in place for most of us, the focus is at home with a new level of work-life balance. How are you advancing your skill set, finding a new perspective and preparing for the future of your brand (and yourself)? 

Read on for the most insightful articles for marketers this week. 

Content Roundup

How brands are adapting their strategies and ad creatives in real time to address the coronavirus. While all brands are different, many have responded with a meaningful approach to get through the crisis and move forward together. Learn more.

Many franchise and multi-location businesses are closed now, and even while open they are still facing challenges in the marketplace and uncertainty about the future. This article provides great rationale on why you should be planning for the rebound now. Learn more.

Not surprisingly, many brands are anticipating a decrease in their marketing budget, although their goals remain unchanged. SEO is expected to gain importance as a marketing strategy during the downturn. Learn more.

While some of the behavior changes prompted by the coronavirus pandemic may be temporary, many may become permanent. Marketing leaders must take actions to understand the impact to their brand and customer journeys, lean into digital interactions with customers and mitigate risks to the customer experience. Learn more.

The impact of the coronavirus crisis on the business climate has necessitated a reset of marketing budgets and campaign expectations. The sooner current marketing efforts are audited and reset, the sooner they will contribute to positive gains. Learn more.

There is no playbook for how to advertise during a pandemic. We’re all learning as we go and mistakes are inevitable. However, to avoid a total fail, the key is to think long-term, focus on brand building and keep an eye on the context surrounding your advertising. Learn more.

Google search trends can be a powerful tool for marketers to aid in keyword research, development and optimization. It can even be used to help identify emerging COVID-19 outbreaks in specific geographic areas and reveal previously unrecognized symptoms. Learn more.

We hope you’ve found our compilation insightful. Stay safe and if you haven’t already, subscribe to our blog to get next week’s roundup delivered straight to your inbox.