A Marketer’s Mindset in Guiding Clients Through the Current Pandemic

As marketers, we are tasked with guiding clients, brands, franchisees and even other marketers on media strategy, tactics and most recently, how to best navigate through an unprecedented crisis that changes by the minute.

It’s easy and somewhat comforting to follow the same news sources’ guidance and recommendations, but especially now with so many affected by this pandemic all over the globe, there are SO MANY sources of information – whether about the virus itself, how it’s affecting sales, tips for working from home, how to practice better self-care in stressful times…the list goes on.

Being a marketer is grounded knowledge gained from education and work experience, but another component is curiosity. It’s about gathering from multiple sources, researching messaging from different brands on the same topic, how to find that coveted solution to reach your target audience, standing out in a sea of sameness.

With this article, we’ve channeled our curiosity into finding the most helpful, practical content to better help you stay informed and provide guidance for your brand.

Should the News Disrupt Your Content Calendar? We (as an agency) have adapted our own content plan, as well as those of our clients, in the last few weeks. Business-as-usual content efforts can be seen as tone-deaf and possibly insensitive. But how does one decide to what extent to change an already-perfected content calendar? Learn more.

Is your business closed, on a limited schedule, offering different services due to the virus (restaurant takeout/delivery) or been affected somehow by the pandemic? Make sure your Google My Business listing has the most up-to-date information to help consumers. Learn more. Google is adding a feature to GMB listings that allows business owners to easily mark whether they are ‘temporarily closed’ – and will show this information in Search and Maps. Learn more.

Source:  Google

It’s better for businesses to be proactive rather than reactive in the age of social distancing. Learn more.

Agility and thoughtfulness in marketing strategy, at its best: How brands are acting quickly and taking extra precautions to avoid coronavirus insensitivities. Learn more.

To help ease the burden on small businesses, Facebook has created a $100 million grant program to assist 30,000 SMBs in 30 nations. In addition to grants, Facebook is developing a range of other options to provide further assistance. Learn more.

Source:  Facebook

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