Media Planning Advice From a Devout Basketball Fan

Few statistics are more telling of the outcome in a basketball game than the “rebound” numbers a team posts.

Rebounding speaks to a team’s physicality, a team’s “hustle,” and rebounding often is a reflection of good coaching. Rebounding also utilizes data (speed and direction of shot) to know with a reasonable amount of certainty where the ball will bounce. Positioning before the opportunity truly presents itself is vital.

You win the rebound battle, you’ll likely win more possessions. More possessions equals more opportunity to score. More possessions also mean a team can be less efficient with their scoring opportunity and still be successful. Own the boards; own the outcome.

Today, in our media business we’re planning and positioning for the REBOUND.

It’s no secret many brand budgets are being paused, cut and/or repositioned for the remainder of 2020. Companies spanning the entire economy are all in the same boat. Consumer spending is slowing down due to coronavirus and the national quarantine efforts of millions to put our national health in the driver seat. Rightfully so, America.

But Americans are a resilient bunch. I continue to marvel at stories I see every day of resourceful, inventive, creative contributors chipping in to lend a hand to fuel the fight against this virus. It’s quite amazing if you step back and look at the comradery of it all.

Today at Mindstream Media Group, we collectively look to tomorrow. Challenge lives with us today, with our clients today, but not forever. We look to the horizon for what is coming next, and we anchor in our purpose.

Our Purpose: to thrive on guiding our clients as bold strategic advisors as we activate and advance their media investments toward measurable, positive business outcomes at an energetic pace.

We swiftly aligned all Mindstream team members to REBOUND teams representing all facets of our business from channel experts to data analysts, marketers and designers. These teams will attack new strategic angles to jump-start our client efforts when the opportunity to bounce back in this new economy presents itself.

New economy. What will that look like? New challenges. New opportunity.

Here are five questions to ask of your REBOUND strategy:

  1. How has your business fundamentally changed from this?
  2. What changed with your consumer?
  3. How do you get a head start when every other brand across the spectrum is looking to do the same? Media avails are going to be tight!
  4. How will you navigate the deluge of political investment certain to flood the marketplace in early summer and into the fall for the 2020 election? Is your media strategy “election proof?”
  5. Sports viewership (when it comes back) will skyrocket. Will your brand play here?  If so, how?

To put a bow on this basketball analogy, I quote the great John Wooden, “Be quick, but don’t hurry.”

I liken this to the strategic thinking needed NOW. The unique perspective needed NOW. So that when a brighter tomorrow presents itself, you’re not in a HURRY. Mistakes are made in haste.

Instead, choose quickness under control.

I leave you with this quote from Abraham Lincoln who said, “I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come.”