Marketing Insights to Navigate the Coronavirus Pandemic – A Weekly Recap of News You Can Use

Week of March 30, 2020

Greetings from the home office.

Social media, digital streaming and online gaming platforms are seeing an increase these last few weeks with millions now working from home, not working at all or some semblance of the two balanced with new homeschooling duties and finding ways to get along with housemates for longer hours at a time.

For marketers, there is no shortage of outlets offering advice, business tips and even condolences as it relates to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Sifting through the clutter to find the most useful and relevant materials for your brand can be overwhelming.

In this second installment of our virus-related content roundup, we’ve provided some of the most insightful articles from the week, to help you navigate this sea of uncertainty with a little more confidence.

Content Roundup

Consumers’ needs are changing rapidly and search behavior is evolving from day-to-day. Learn how to stay on top of search trends in this dynamic environment with these tips on using Google Trends. 

Source:  Google Trends

The American Marketing Association (AMA) has compiled a collection of support materials for marketing professionals, ranging from work-from-home tips, industry-specific communication, pivoting to virtual events and more. 

Instead of waiting for business problems to develop (even before the coronavirus crisis), marketers should actively plan ahead for strategy changes with this four-step action plan. 

And from one of our marketing partners, SOCi, here are some best practices for brandsespecially multi-location businessesto communicate more effectively during the current pandemic.

Source:  SOCi

LinkedIn, like other social platforms, has seen an increase in traffic over the last several weeks. People are seeking professional advice on what to post, how often to post and improving overall strategy. Here are some key tips from the professional networking experts.

With live events, conferences and face-to-face meetings on hold, companies are becoming more reliant on digital media. Here’s a great article on how B2B companies, in particular, are shifting to a more digitally focused strategy.

A worldwide view of the virus’s impact through dedicated research – how the outbreak is affecting consumer behaviors, attitudes and perceptions. This compilation includes topics like how daily routines are changing, impact on buying behaviors, travel impact and why optimism throughout the crisis is key. 

There have been significant changes in media consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic as well.

We hope you’ve found our compilation insightful. Stay safe and if you haven’t already, subscribe to our blog to get next week’s roundup delivered straight to your inbox.