Local Social Media Series from Mindstream Media Group

What is this series all about? Our Local Social Media Series will help multi-location and franchise brands improve their social media presence by engaging consumers at the local level.

Who should read this series? Multi-location and franchise brand marketers looking to boost their brand’s local presence on social media.

Part One: How Multi-Location Brands Can Engage Local Consumers on Social Media

Part Two: How to Create Social Media Content That Engages Local Audiences

Part Three: How to Create Engaging Local Social Media Content at the Local Level

Part Four: How to Manage Online Reviews at the Local Level (and Why You Need to)

Part Five: How to Use Facebook Boosted Posts to Increase Local Social Media Engagement

[Infographic]: 4 Reasons Why Multi-Location Brands Need a Local Social Media Presence

[E-book]: The Ultimate Guide to Local Social Media Marketing


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