[e-book]: The Ultimate Guide to Local Social Media Marketing

If you’re interested in how your multi-location or franchise brand can improve its local social media marketing efforts, make sure to check out our latest ebook:

The Ultimate Guide to Local Social Media Marketing

How multi-location and franchise brands can use social media to reach local consumers.

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Who is this guide for?

Multi-location and franchise brand marketers looking to boost your brand’s local presence on social media.

What to expect?

This guide will teach multi-location and franchise brands how to amplify your social media presence at the local level by:

  • Engaging local consumers with content from the brand.
  • Carrying on conversations with followers by posting engaging local content.
  • Managing your locations’ reputation by monitoring customer reviews and engagement.
  • Reaching new audiences with boosted Facebook posts.

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In today’s tech-driven, always-connected world, there’s no shortage of marketing channels to get your brand’s message out to target audiences. Getting audiences to actually respond to those messages, though? Well, that tends to be more challenging.

In a given day, online audiences are exposed to thousands of messages from brands. This onslaught of content triggers a natural filter in most people’s brains. As people spend more time online, their ability to block out messages gets even sharper. The content that gets through is typically high-quality, eye-catching messages or messages from brands and people that audiences know.

If you’re a brand trying to reach those audiences, you don’t stand a chance unless you’re broadcasting high-quality messages on a regular basis and/or have established relationships with target audiences.

For brands, one of the best channels to build relationships with online consumers is social media. Unlike other digital media platforms, social media allows and encourages interaction between a brand and their customers.

Where this can become really challenging for multi-location and franchise brands is getting the party started at the local level. It’s one thing to carry on conversations at the brand level, but doing it across hundreds or thousands of locations? Well, that’s a little trickier.

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