Meet the Mindstreamer – Rich Muckerman

He builds interactive campaigns for clients, is a self-proclaimed sports enthusiast and is based in our St. Louis office. Meet Rich Muckerman, Media Associate, Programmatic Operations.

Some of Rich’s responsibilities include integrating clients into internal agency systems for seamless campaign planning, execution and reporting, processing billing and work orders for a multitude of client accounts and building interactive client campaigns on various demand-side platforms (DSPs) such as Basis, The Trade Desk and Amazon DSP.

Rich enjoys technical challenges in both his professional and his personal life. “Whether it is a media plan that needs to be built out at work or a car engine I’m rebuilding in my free time, I enjoy methodically looking at and organizing all the pieces to figure out how they all fit together to create the final product.”

In addition to automotive restoration, Rich likes to play golf, soccer, volleyball and hockey, go biking or hiking, read, play video games and travel. In fact, he’s been to four continents and 10 countries.

In his five years of being a Mindstreamer, Rich has encountered his share of industry change, which has been echoed by many others we’ve interviewed. “Online advertising is constantly evolving. It’s been essential to keep an open mind and put myself into unfamiliar positions/situations in order to stay relevant and learn the ever-changing landscape of the industry.”

Despite the constantly evolving landscape that is inherent in advertising, Rich embraces the volatility in one regard while grounding in another—by maintaining good working relationships with fellow coworkers and learning new skills as a team.

To someone wanting to pursue a career in this industry, Rich shares some words of wisdom. “Try to be as open-minded and available as possible. There are constant changes in the industry and there is always someone with more experience to learn from.”

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks, Rich!

An enormous part of what makes Mindstream Media Group successful is the collective talent and collaboration of our employees across the country. While we as an agency love to share stories about client successes, industry news and product updates on our MMG Blog, we also want to feature the actual people behind the work we are doing to grow client business.

 We’re featuring a Mindstreamer (as we like to call ourselves) periodically to share their stories and celebrate the diverse people, backgrounds, interests and qualities that make us unique.

 Another way to get to know our team is through the video series “Fast-Forward the Conversation,” where we discuss the HOW behind supporting client growth through media strategy, with topics like shopper marketing, franchise work, QSR challenges, agency partnerships and more.