[Video]: QSR in a Dynamic Marketplace

It’s been a tough year for restaurants. Hear how we developed a unique strategy to drive brand awareness for a QSR client with a new product launch amid a sea of political advertising in Florida. In this episode of Fast-Forward the Conversation, Group Planning Director Shelby Clement talks Twitch and capturing eyeballs in Florida where TV is off the table due to over-the-top political ad spending.

Fast-Forward the Conversation

We believe the daily pressure on CMOs to move their business forward is real, intense and not going away. Join our media practitioners, as we discuss the HOW behind making meaningful progress, on well-defined targets.


Catch the Highlights

  • A regional QSR brand operating across all major markets in Florida postponed the launch of a new sandwich from July to October due to the pandemic.
  • With Florida being hit with the most political spending of any state ($100 million in that market alone), we knew our core anchor tactic of TV to generate awareness was off the table.
  • As a Premier Google Partner, we have access to exclusive tools like the Audience Explorer report. This showed us specific consumer profiles of who was watching our past limited time only video promotions in their entirety.
  • The report helped us identify a highly engaged gamer segment worth nurturing further.
  • This was an untapped audience for the client that focused heavily on traditional media like TV with digital support on Facebook and Instagram.
  • The majority of gamers are typically young males 18-34 or 18-49 and are not heavy TV users. Although they are active on social, they tend to use Snapchat and TikTok, not Facebook and Instagram.
  • Twitch, the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers, was deployed as a media tactic to reach this audience.
  • But Twitch is not a standalone media tactic. We had to find another way to capture all the eyeballs lost by foregoing TV.
  • OOH became our next best go-to for the reach, especially considering Florida is more of an “open” state, less impeded by restrictions and limitations on the types of businesses that can be open.
  • We’re fortunate to have a close relationship with this client. Sales and transaction data are uploaded to our reporting dashboards weekly.
  • Transactions are analyzed to determine if the media created a lift. We’re also looking at what happened to sales of the new product compared to others to determine the amount of trade-off versus increased sales.
  • Once the election is over, TV will be added to the plan but due to anticipated continued inventory pressures, heavy levels of precisely targeted digital will be maintained.

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