Meet the Mindstreamer – Jessica Wienhold

Jessica Wienhold is far from new to the media game. She’s been a Mindstreamer for 12 years working out of our Cedar Falls, IA office. Her passion for finding order within chaos and keeping things on track make her the perfect fit as Director of Account Services. She oversees a great team of account staff and enjoys discussing new ways to help them maximize efficiency and move their client objectives forward. Not one to sit on the sidelines, Jessica likes to get her hands dirty and jumps at the chance to assist with operation initiatives to manage workflow and the project management process.

Jessica always knew she was meant to manage workflows and projects and lives by a to-do list. Checking off tasks throughout the day gives her a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. She loves a challenge (good thing since she’s a mom of two boys) and enjoys finding new ways to work efficiently both for Mindstream and the clients we serve. Jessica is inspired by those she works with and loves partnering with clients to make progress and see results. Little steps add up and being proactive goes a long way.

As this year has taught us, you never know what’s going to be thrown your way. Your reaction to a situation is the only thing within your control. Attitude and flexibility are key. Jessica offers this advice to anyone wanting to pursue a career in this industry, “Very rarely do things go exactly as planned, and as a marketer you need to be ready to pivot when the environment changes.”

Coming into the industry during the beginning of a recession shaped the way Jessica thinks about media and marketing. The need to get a client’s message in front of the consumer quickly and efficiently continues to fuel the industry, but the way those messages are being consumed has changed dramatically. The agencies and clients that continue to evaluate and evolve their media to capture their target audience are the ones that succeed. Jessica notes, “The last 12 years has taught me that you have to be flexible to the environment while staying grounded in what matters most to your business. Finding that perfect balance is what we strive for. Flexibility will continue to be key. Evolving the way we target consumers will be different five years from now and being agile will be a must for companies.”

When she’s not perfecting workflows and developing creative solutions for Mindstream and our clients, Jessica enjoys spending time with family, days at the lake, long, leisurely trips to Target (obviously sans kids and husband) and watching football and basketball. She follows a lot of mommy vloggers/bloggers for tips and tricks to keep things running smoothly at home and enjoys the quick and informative Marketing Brew newsletter to stay on top of industry happenings.


An enormous part of what makes Mindstream Media Group successful is the collective talent and collaboration of its employees across the country. While we as an agency love to share stories about client successes, industry news and product updates on our MMG Blog, we also want to feature the actual people behind the work we are doing to grow client business.

Our recent video series, Fast-Forward the Conversation, discusses the HOW behind supporting client growth through media strategy, with topics like shopper marketing, franchise work, influencing the customer journey, QSR challenges and more.

We’ll also begin to feature a Mindstreamer (as we like to call ourselves) periodically to share their stories and celebrate the diverse people, backgrounds, interests and qualities that make us unique.