[Video]: Cutting through the Clutter – Why Your Brand Needs a Blog

Why does your brand need to create a blog?

Consumers face a daily onslaught of branded messaging – TV commercials, billboards, radio spots, search ads, display banners, sponsored social posts, etc. Studies show that consumers see up to 10,000 brand messages a day. On top of that, the internet is cluttered with all types of other messaging – every minute, users share:

  • 3.3 million Facebook posts
  • 448,000 tweets
  • 500 hours of video on YouTube
  • 66,000 photos on Instagram
  • More than 1,400 blogs on WordPress

It can seem as if brand advertisers are throwing everything they can at consumers just too see what sticks, which creates a lot of clutter for consumers to sift through (or simply ignore). There’s too much noise out there for consumers to pay attention to all 10,000 or so branded messages they encounter daily. But, that doesn’t mean advertisers should stop trying. Brands just need to focus on creating relevant, unique and customized messages for specific audience groups.

Breaking through the clutter with Content Marketing

There are plenty of strategies available for brands to improve their messages’ chances of breaking through the clutter – better targeting tactics, more relevant and interesting advertising creative and more deliberate ad copy are all great starts. But, sometimes consumers don’t want to be advertised to, they want to be communicated with. In these cases, creating blogs and other Content Marketing pieces can be a great way for brands to connect with audiences and deliver messages they actually want to consume.

Check out the video above to learn how creating a blog (or improving your current one) can benefit your brand. And, if you want to learn more about blogging and Content Marketing, read more here.

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