[Infographic]: The Consumer Buying Journey for Multi-Location Brands

When developing marketing strategies, it’s important for brands to understand their customers’ buying journeys. I.e., how does someone go from a consumer realizing a need to a customer making a purchase? It can be tough. Buying journeys have become increasingly malleable, it’s no longer about trying to figure out if the journey is linear or cyclical. It’s about understanding what consumers need at each stage of the buying journey and delivering them the right message at the right time. 

This is especially true for multi-location brands, who not only have to define target audiences by demographics, behavior and intent like any other brand, they also need to refine that audience to consumers within a set radius from their locations. 

With this infographic, you will learn:

  • How the flow of the buying journey has changed for multi-location brands
  • What multi-location brands should be doing to reach consumers at each stage of the journey


Consumer Buying Journey for Multi-Location Brands


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