Yelp Upgrades Bring New Ways to Highlight, Display Business Locations

In March of 2019, Yelp introduced the Verified License upgrade to help consumers find companies that are licensed in specific categories and limited states on the platform. In June, Yelp introduced two new paid profile upgrades to help owners customize promotional tools. Here is a look at the latest upgrades provided by Yelp for business owners.

Business Highlights

The first new product is Business Highlights, which allows business owners to self-select icons that appear in Yelp search results. Yelp lets owners choose from a wide range of icons to help promote their businesses, such as “free,” “workmanship” and “years in business.” The attributes are used to help businesses stand out and become more attractive to consumers searching on Yelp. The cost of this upgrade is $2 a day for business owners.

yelp business highlights


The second new product is Portfolio, which allows subscribers to display project progress photos in an unlimited capacity. This upgrade is often beneficial for companies involved in remodeling, landscaping and construction. Business owners are allowed to display custom descriptions for images, and Yelp provides quote and chat functions through these pages. The Portfolio product also costs $2 per day.

Yelp Portfolio

The ability for owners to customize business pages is adding competition to the paid profile landscape. In June, Google announced new promotional and branding tools for the Google My Business (GMB) platform. Business owners looking to find new ways to create engagement with users searching on Yelp and Google will have several options in the future to help promote their company and stand out from the crowd.


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