Top Digital Marketing Predictions for Local Brands

Since you follow the digital marketing industry, you probably know that industry blogs are saturated with posts about top predictions and trends during December and January every year. During this wave of pontification last year, I remember thinking, “Why is this the only time that anyone posts digital marketing predictions?”

I’m not questioning the subject, just the timing. When you think about it, winter is an arbitrary time to cover such a fluid topic. Nothing happens around the winter solstice that makes anyone’s digital marketing crystal ball any clearer — and, nothing happens around the summer solstice that makes it any cloudier.

So, for those of you who love predictions but can’t wait for December for a fresh batch of blog posts, keep reading. We’ve gathered a collection of significant consumer trends impacting local businesses like multi-location brands and franchise systems. I’ve also offered my predictions on what local marketers will need to do to adapt.

To read more about our mid-year digital marketing predictions, check out the original post on LSA Insider.

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