eMarketer Interview: Creating Live Video that Drives Engagement

With Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Snapchat all growing in popularity, live video has become a hot topic in the digital marketing industry. Recently, Bijan Malaklou of Digital Addix, Mindstream Media Group’s sister agency, sat down with eMarketer’s Sean Creamer to offer his insights on what brand marketers need to know about live video.

“Live video doesn’t necessarily need to be shot live. It needs to be shot in a way that makes it feel like it’s happening right now,” said Malaklou. “(It’s) just as much about live audience engagement as it is about live content-sharing. This relationship between content-sharing and engagement is what makes live video a dynamic medium.”

Check out the full interview with eMarketer  for more insights from Malaklou – including his thoughts on what companies are the most important players in the industry, how audiences interact with live video and what types of live video content draws the most engagement.

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