Snapchat Goes All In On Local Advertising

Snap Inc., the company behind the popular messaging app Snapchat, has experienced its share of turbulence since going public in March 2017. The company’s journey hit a particularly low point last week when its stock fell below the IPO price of $17 per share.

But if Snap’s recent moves are any indication, the company has a plan to right the ship, and that plan is to go local.

Snapchat, with its growing base of young users, is all about capturing and sharing moments in time. For users, where these moments happen is often just as significant as what they’re doing. Snap seems to understand that premise and the company has made significant efforts to improve location-based features in the app. These efforts have enhanced the app’s user experience and made Snapchat a more enticing advertising vehicle for local businesses and multi-location brands…

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