[SlideShare]: 25 Content Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Needs to Know

Content Marketing is a popular way for brands to reach target audiences with creative, relevant and engaging content. In fact, 86 percent of B2C brands and 91 percent of B2B brands are currently using Content Marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

If you’re interested in Content Marketing and want to know more about how brands are using strategic content pieces to connect with consumers, check out the newest SlideShare from Mindstream Media Group:

25 Content Marketing statistics every marketer needs to know

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Our Content Marketing statistics collection covers topics like:

  • How Content Marketing helps brands connect with huge audiences of dedicated internet users.
  • Consumers reliance on the internet to find the information they need to make purchase decisions.
  • The kind of content that brands need to create to cut through the online clutter.
  • How brands are fine-tuning their Content Marketing efforts and strategies.
  • The return on investment for brands who fully invest in Content Marketing.
  • How improving process, strategy and procedure can provide a huge boost to Content Marketing efforts.
  • The challenges brands face when managing their content efforts internally.
  • How creating high-quality content drives incremental Content Marketing success.

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