Millennial Data Mining: A Marketer’s Dream Come True!

We already know that Millennials are on social media. A lot. In a recent study from Qualtrics, 42 percent of Millennial respondents said they couldn’t go five hours without checking their social media feeds. These stats may change as the group ages and has less recreational time on their hands, but for now, they can be found on social media sites regularly, and marketers would be remiss to ignore that.

What are they doing while they’re online? They’re sharing far more information than other generations. Beyond the social media basics like their name and location, they’re willing to share profile data just to find out which snack food they are. Yes, really. “Which Snackfood Are You?” is an online quiz you can take to find out what popular snack food you are, based on 10 random questions that have nothing to do with food. (I’m potato chips, apparently.)

On a more serious note, according to Bank of America’s “Trends in Consumer Mobility Report,” when compared with the average smartphone user, Millennials are 73 percent more likely to share their spending data, 19 percent more likely to share their location and 53 percent more likely to share their schedule.

Millennials are more likely to share their activities than other generations-v1

Retailers and businesses can, and should, take advantage of this. Millennials are willing to share their personal information with you as a business, or with other sites and media, that can help you better target this group. They’re basically telling us what they find interesting, where they are, and how they like to shop. This is a marketer’s dream come true.

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