Meet the Mindstreamer – Chris Hunt

If you’ve worked with Mindstream Media Group on one of our countless strategic digital campaigns, there’s a strong possibility that a bearded runner with a passion for cars has played a role in the development of your integrated media strategy.

Meet Chris Hunt, Director of Digital Investment based in Mindstream Media Group’s Dallas headquarters.

In addition to running, Chris enjoys tracking his car and fixing it up after inevitably breaking it on the track – but what he loves the most about his agency role is the engineering aspect. “Digital marketing allows me to develop, iterate, and measure results while communicating brands’ stories through media.”

After witnessing the massive migration to digital platforms while in college, Chris shifted his focus from journalism to advertising. His passion for cars initially motivated his desire to write for an automotive magazine, but the draw of digital advertising was too strong to ignore with its ever-changing landscape and unique challenges to overcome.


One of the most interesting changes Chris notes in the media landscape recently relates to privacy. Digital platforms (social in particular) have built empires on consumer-data-as-a-product relatively unchecked…until now – see GDPR, CCPA, and recent privacy campaigns from Apple.

When asked about the long-term impact of these privacy regulation changes on the media landscape, Chris added his take. “Catalyzed by governmental regulation, consumers’ awareness of their data privacy and transparency rights has already changed the way we target and attribute campaigns and their performance. I believe we’ll become even closer to a small portfolio of brands we trust. We’ll engage with them in these closed environments more, expecting value (e.g., discounts, utility) in exchange for data.”

An industry challenge that Chris has worked diligently to overcome relates to ad fraud. While at one point it was a major threat to client budgets everywhere in the industry, it’s now more controlled, policed and generally acknowledged. He and his team have instituted some of the brightest partners to help combat it with technology, building several thousand domain “blacklists” to prevent our clients’ money from falling victim to fraud.

As a six-year Mindstream veteran, Chris has certainly seen his share of new media and hot topics that impact brands and consumers alike. It’s not always a negative threat or complex challenge, sometimes a little optimism takes precedence. According to Chris, “It’s fascinating to see global competitors like TikTok challenge or more surprisingly, merge with, U.S.’ best. I hope this leads to more innovation and utility for consumers around the world to further connect us in positive ways.”

One of Chris’s role models in the industry is Avinash Kaushik. He’s taken some of this industry’s most complex subjects and turned them into to conversational, and often provocative, editorial.

Other ways Chris stays informed and connected include Think with Google industry articles, and forums like r/adops, r/DigitalMarketing and r/programmatic are among his favorites. He’s learned so much from ordinary marketers that just want to help the community (self-promoting sharks notwithstanding).

While reading the latest industry news and following its experts keeps Chris informed, he also has some words of wisdom of his own to share. To someone wanting to pursue a career in the advertising industry, he suggests studying media mix modeling, as a background in data science is sure to enhance any path in modern media.

The benefits of joining the ad industry aren’t strictly professional, either. Chris met his now-fiancée at the agency.

A few more interesting facts about Chris?

  • His 14-pound lion, Simba, wakes him up every morning at 5:12.
  • He has a 30% tug-of-war win rate against Stella, the 40-pound Chow/Aussie/Pom mix
  • He grew a foot-long (or perhaps more) beard because why not
  • He has hiked the South to North rim of Grand Canyon
  • He broke three (3) arms, two in his skateboarding career

See Chris in action in a recent episode of Fast-Forward the Conversation with Mindstream Media Group President, Zac Keeney, where they discuss influencing the customer journey.


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