Meet the Mindstreamer – Brian Pappas

He is responsible for crafting and implementing client media strategies, specifically pertaining to all Google and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tactics. He also serves as a leader by helping other team members grow as employees and as marketers.

Meet Brian Pappas, Senior Media Manager at Mindstream Media Group’s Dallas headquarters.

More than anything, Brian is motivated by and genuinely enjoys the people he works with. He shares, “I’m blessed to have the privilege of working with the people that I do, and I truly do look forward to seeing/talking with them every day. I also love the constantly changing environment of working in digital media. Even if I’m working in the same platforms every day, I’m forced to stay on my toes and constantly ensure I’m implementing the most up-to-date strategies.”

Although Brian loves his job and the media industry now, he hasn’t always been certain of his desired profession. In college, he was obsessed with acting in theater and film, but also recognized those careers were insanely competitive with sometimes inconsistent work schedules. He originally majored in finance but ended up deciding that industry would be too monotonous. Feeling optimistic about the healthy balance between business and creativity, he became a marketing major during his junior year, and that’s where it all started. Brian’s first full-time job out of college was in digital marketing, and he’s remained in the industry ever since.

Having been a Mindstreamer for two and a half years now, Brian stays informed on the industry’s constant evolution through Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch articles, as well as the agency’s partnership with dedicated Google representatives. Mindstream Media Group’s status as a Premier Google Partner allows for increased support and resources from the search giant.

And, with all of the seriousness within the media environment, there is also plenty of room for humor. Brian highly recommends following Digital Chadvertising on Instagram for digital marketing memes.

Despite Brian’s skill and expertise in digital marketing, he believes anyone can learn how to be a digital marketer. Although the industry is constantly changing, Brian says, “the intangible qualities of hard work, exhibiting optimism and confidence, and displaying empathy are more important than the immediate expertise in the industry.” To anyone wanting to pursue a career in this industry, he suggests being as flexible as possible, and never remaining stagnant.

Since he’s been working in the media industry, Brian has noted some interesting changes over the last several years. The first is the increased focus on both measuring and optimizing toward store visits. “Search campaigns can now specifically optimize towards store visits as a conversion, and Local Campaigns are a tactic specifically created to drive foot traffic.”

Brian also notes the expansion of exact match keywords. “Exact match keywords cast a much wider net than they used to, now accounting for close variants, reordered words, implied words and more.”

In his non-agency life, Brian is a professional voice actor and a voice acting teacher. He has recorded radio commercials, an audiobook, Japanese textbook recordings to teach Japanese students how to speak in English and he’s currently striving to break into the anime industry. In his free time Brian also enjoys bowling, basketball, gaming and watching reruns of 90s sitcoms.


Brian credits his mom as an influence on his drive and inspiration. She not only helped turn around a bankrupt local jewelry store into a multi-million-dollar business, but she has also been Brian’s role model for just about everything in life. Brian also draws inspiration from his current and previous bosses, “I’ve been lucky enough to have nothing but supportive supervisors in my career, that have been focused on fostering my growth.”

“I’d just like to emphasize how thankful I am for my family, my friends and my coworkers. I really do feel like I live a blessed life, and I’m thrilled to have received all of the opportunities I have in my career.”



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