Meet the Mindstreamer – Alyssa Wind

Working closely with clients and internal teams, Alyssa Wind helps develop and execute customized digital media strategies to help her clients succeed and grow. Her role as Manager, Media Strategy has many facets, requiring impeccable communication skills, keen attention to detail and a strategic eye to ensure media strategies are sound and campaigns run efficiently.

While it’s much more involved than a quick description can give credit, Alyssa sums up her role as “deciphering what the client actually needs and wants, translating that into a media solution, then overseeing the activations and reporting on performance.”

As a 7-year veteran of Mindstream Media Group and working out of the agency’s St. Louis office, Alyssa credits the rapidly evolving industry as precisely what keeps her excited about her role. “What I like most about my position is that it is always changing, and I guess I can partially credit that to the clients I work on. My clients are very interested in testing new media buys, new targeting tactics, new placements, etc. This keeps my job interesting because I’m always researching something new or looking for a new way to solve an issue. I am always meeting new vendors, learning new platforms and I’m constantly expanding the ways I’m able to help my clients.”

To stay informed and updated on the industry, Alyssa reads the latest news and reports from eMarketer, Street Fight, Search Engine Land, Think with Google, MarTech and others.

Since she started in media several years ago, Alyssa notes that one of the most interesting changes she’s seen (and expects to continue well into the future of advertising) is the heightened focus on data privacy – especially over the past few years with GDPR, CCPA and the recent changes with iOS14.

Alyssa shares, “As technology gets smarter and we’re able to utilize it to learn more about digital behavior, concerns will continue to rise around privacy. This will force companies and marketers to come up with new, innovative ways to track digital behavior while still complying with data privacy regulations.”

She’s learned much and continues to add to her expertise through client projects and hard work. For someone wanting to pursue a career in media or advertising, Alyssa suggests thinking ahead and considering the other person’s point of view. “Be proactive, try to anticipate your clients’ questions before they ask them. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand how they will ingest the information you are giving them. This helps me feel prepared for anything that might get thrown my way.”

In her spare time, Alyssa enjoys Pilates and barre workouts, cooking, traveling and watching The Real Housewives.

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