Marketing Insights to Navigate the Coronavirus Pandemic – Weekly Recap of News You Can Use

Week of April 13, 2020


Greetings from the home office.

Another week has passed by and COVID-19 continues to dominate the news and affect businesses and consumers alike. “Business as usual” is long gone and we’re starting to think more in terms of our “new normal.” This week’s roundup of insightful, coronavirus-related content shows businesses beginning to home in on what consumers want. Resourceful brands are quickly pivoting and finding new ways to adapt and stay relevant. 

What’s next? There will be lasting changes as a result of this crisis, both big and small. Although it’s still too early to say for sure when the crisis will subside, smart marketers are already focusing on the inevitable rebound. NOW is the time for strategic thinking about THEN.

Content Roundup 

It comes as no surprise that some consumers are refraining from making certain purchases as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, they’re not putting their plans on hold for good. According to GlobalWebIndex, many are simplwaiting for the outbreak to subside. Learn more.

Google’s recently released COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports help shed some light on responses to social distancing guidance. These reports compile aggregated, anonymized data similar to what is used in Google Maps to show trends in movement within specific geographic areas. Originally developed to help public health officials make critical decisions to combat COVID-19, they can also prove insightful to marketers. Learn more.

Source:  Google

In this Whiteboard Friday sponsored by Moz, Rand Fishkin discusses marketing in times of uncertainty. Businesses must: evaluate ROI by channel carefully before making any cutsinvest in marketing now to secure theifoothold post-crisis and ensure their messaging is appropriate given the current situation. Learn more.

Source:  Rand Fishkin

Although always important, organizational agility” has become even more critical for successfully managing a brand’s response to the pandemic. Google’s Global Head of Growth Lab shares changes they have made to become more agile in adapting, prioritizing and shifting focus in response to consumers’ ever-changing needs. Learn more.

Speaking of agility, the restaurant industry and food businesses have been among the hardest hitIn face of this challenge, they have found creative ways to quickly pivot their business models to stay relevant. Their resiliency and desire to help their staff and communities are paying off.  Learn more.

Twitter recently conducted a survey of its users to help determine what consumers actually want and expect from brands during the pandemic. Among the stats, over half say that seeing and hearing ads help them maintain a sense of normalcy in everyday life. Explore some of the other topics to help guide your brand’s strategy. Learn more.

What exactly do consumers want to hear from brands during this time? How can brands help and what type of brand stories should you tell? This article from Harvard Business School provides answers to those questions and more. Learn more.

The coronavirus pandemic has made an indelible impact on society and the way businesses operate. It’s too soon to say what the lasting effects will be, but here are 7 Trends to Look for in a Post-Coronavirus Brand Landscape. Learn more.

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