Meet the Mindstreamer – Fabio Ramos

A long-time veteran of the agency (literally since it was formed), Fabio Ramos is a steward of clients and relationships. As VP, Business Development he’s responsible for fostering new business, developing agency partnerships and overseeing a few key accounts. (Catch his chat with GMAC’s Senior Director of Strategic Marketing about the success our partnership has driven for their organization here.)

Ten years ago, Fabio and his wife moved from Brazil to build a life in San Diego. Although they left their family, friends and a piece of their hearts in their home country, they do have the opportunity to travel back and forth frequently. Fabio says, “We love the city and what it offers, especially the awesome California cuisine and great weather and waves!” It’s no surprise that Fabio’s hobbies include surfing, music, food and wine. He also enjoys family time with his children, Luca (10) and Sofia (3).


What Fabio likes best about his job is, “the possibility to make clients smile through good work, performance and solid relationships.” Communication plays a big role in that. He shares, “I have encountered many different challenges throughout my career. I can say with confidence most issues were due to (mis)communication, and these issues and challenges were also overcome through communication, so to me communication is key – words can build or destroy relationships, so I always try to use them wisely.”

Originally attracted to marketing through the creative side (commercials, slogans, jingles, etc.), Fabio is astounded by the power of digital and the ways in which it can be harnessed as a vehicle for creativity. The media landscape has seen a lot of changes over the years and is accelerating even more rapidly now. A few of Fabio’s favorites for staying on top of developments in the industry are AdAge, AdExchange and Marketing Brew. In fact, his advice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in marketing/advertising is to “learn to unlearn, and re-learn, over and over again.”

Fabio notes, “I started in the pre-smartphone times, and the world has changed so much since then. The velocity on how technology and the world is changing is impressive to say the least. Adaptation is key. The challenges that technology can bridge and enhance people’s lives is amazing.”


When it comes to long-term changes, Fabio points to the “grand dilemma” of personalization vs. privacy.  “On one side people want personalized, relevant content in their lives; on the other hand, privacy. Navigating through this dilemma is the main challenge for the media landscape, the way I see it.”

His plans for the future? “[I’m] excited to see how the world is going to change over the next decade, and to watch my children grow. My motto is work hard and live life to the fullest – not losing sight of what matters most and trying to enjoy every single day whether finding purpose in the work we do or spending time with loved ones. Carpe Diem!” We couldn’t agree more, Fabio!

An enormous part of what makes Mindstream Media Group successful is the collective talent and collaboration of its employees across the country. While we as an agency love to share stories about client successes, industry news and product updates on our MMG Blog, we also want to feature the actual people behind the work we are doing to grow client business.

Our recent video series, Fast-Forward the Conversation, discusses the HOW behind supporting client growth through media strategy, with topics like shopper marketing, franchise work, QSR challenges, agency partnerships and more.

We’re also now featuring a Mindstreamer (as we like to call ourselves) periodically to share their stories and celebrate the diverse people, backgrounds, interests and qualities that make us unique.