[Case Study]: Increasing Efficiency By 45% to Crush It for the No. 1 Orthopedic Hospital in the U.S.

Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) has been ranked the No. 1 Orthopedic Hospital in the United States for 10 straight years, based on data evaluated by U.S. News & World Report. Mindstream Media Group earned the wonderful privilege of partnering with HSS on their digital media efforts for the last three years. When they asked us to support their growing business with additional digital strategy, we welcomed the opportunity to help architect better media strategy for the hospital that also aligned with servicing the needs of their patients.


We immersed ourselves in research to determine not only the most effective channels to drive patient appointments but also the best way to collaborate with the efforts of the HSS team. Collectively, our teams relentlessly looked for ways to increase the efficiency of connecting potential patients with HSS. Our efforts ultimately led to the booming quarter-over-quarter success we’ve seen in the last nine months.

Our strategy and approach also helped ease the orthopedic patient’s journey, making it easier to find the right treatment in the right place.


Connect the right patient with HSS, increase the overall efficiency of the media budget and drive accountable appointment traffic.


Key structural campaign updates were needed to move from a siloed approach to a full funnel sequential messaging strategy. In 2018, we shifted from individual platform efforts to an all-encompassing campaign to bring together key media channels like Facebook, Google and Bing search, video and programmatic display.

To increase media efficiency, Mindstream worked with HSS to define each service line, outpatient center and geographic area that required support. Thanks to our close partnership with the HSS digital marketing team, we were able to share insights from current efforts, collaborate on new ideas and goals, launch new plans, report results and repeat the AMPLIFY process.

The ability to demonstrate the full value of our efforts through enhanced trackability and accountability were critical. New technology partners, including a HIPAA compliant call tracking vendor, revealed that a high percentage of conversions were coming from phone calls. This insight allowed us to hone our keyword strategy further and identify terms to include and exclude from our search campaigns.


Based on our campaign learnings, Mindstream Media Group architected a sequential messaging strategy that focused on a potential orthopedic patient’s journey for finding the right treatment in the right place. Since arranging an orthopedic procedure can be somewhat complex, our plan was designed to help guide potential patients through the various stages of discovery, research and decision making without inundating them with a single message.

More creative assets were needed to make this full funnel strategy truly come to life. We partnered with HSS’s creative agency Ogilvy NY, to develop specific messaging for each stage of the customer journey, customized to a patient’s specific location and needs. Mindstream also created several videos to use for both Facebook and display tactics. This new creative dramatically improved the relevancy of the message to each potential patient and kept the HSS brand fresh by showing different creative along their individual journey.


In the third quarter of 2018, we began to execute pieces of the sequential messaging strategy as the corresponding creative assets were developed. By October 2018, the full sequential messaging funnel was in place. Since then, we’ve closely watched the results and continue to obsess over every single media dollar by implementing and pausing keywords, observing the size of retargeting pools, monitoring ad frequency, blacklisting any sites not meeting our KPIs and keeping an eye out for any staleness in the creative.

Through this extreme vigilance, we produced two of the strongest performing quarters for digital media campaigns to date. We’ve increased our efficiency quarter over quarter with our comprehensive strategy, producing a 45 percent lower Cost Per Lead in Q1 2019 than in Q3 2018.

These exceptional results are just the beginning of what we expect from future campaigns. To build on current success and continue crushing it for HSS, we’ve implemented an aggressive testing plan for 2019 and continue to hone our strategies to amplify results.

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